Composition information: Sitting bronze

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3 thoughts on “Reflection 2

  1. Calin Dumitrescu says:

    This is a wonderfully well-done sculpture! Upon first glance, I see a women looking down and appearing to be thinking. However, after taking in the position of her body, it seems that she may also be stretching and enjoying some yoga. To me, this sculpture portrays that in the busy day-to-day lives that we all live, it is not always easy to set aside dedicated time to think and reflect, so it is important to be able to make the most of whatever free time we have, such as when doing yoga or exercise, to reflect on other things. By actively engaging our mind when doing exercise, we may also enjoy the challenges of the exercise or workout more. Overall, this is a beautifully constructed piece of art!

  2. Sophia Musacchio says:

    For me, this sculpture is beautiful in its simplicity. It depicts a woman sitting, perhaps in pensive process or simple presence in the moment. The curves of the pose are graceful and elegant, showcasing the beauty of human form and movement. This artwork reminds me as a medical student to focus on the body and the physical exam as a vital component of the diagnostic and treatment process. Physically observing and touching patients gives very much valuable information and helps build our trusting relationships with patients.

  3. Mokshal Porwal says:

    To me. this piece of art speaks to the interconnections of the human body. This individual is performing yoga or stretches and is utilizing their limbs strategically to assist in the movements near points of articulation. The person’s leg, hip, and back could not open and move without the gentle pressure placed by the arms and hands. It helped reinforce the idea that the smaller functional units of complex systems are necessary to allow the system to work optimally as a whole.

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