Oil painting by Grant Yun. (30″x40″)

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Take a deep breath and explore this image, and write a reflection in the comment below.

5 thoughts on “Medicine Through Art and Reflection (April)

  1. Sophia Musacchio says:

    When I first saw this work, I was very drawn to the different shades of red as well as the shape of the central, whiter and flowing portion. It reminds me of blood flowing in a vessel and the beauty of natural processes.

  2. Tarini Mitra says:

    I love the colors of the painting because it makes me feel very calm and serene. It reminds me of a blood vessel because of the red walls and the lighter colors in the middle that appear to flow through.

  3. As we just recently finished our PDA exam on smooth muscle, hypertension, anti-coagulant, and anti-platelet drugs, I can’t help but think of blood vessels when I see this painting. I see the turbulence of blood moving through, with walls on either sides. When I looked closely, I can even see that it’s possible the fluid is being blocked by a clot of some sort as well. There’s a duality that I appreciate in this painting, as the ‘flow’ of blood could be coming from either the top or the bottom.

  4. This painting’s smoothness in blending, symmetry, and flow provide me with a sense of comfort. I love the abstract aspect of this piece and as I take my time to look at it, I feel like it is a very zoomed in microscopic image. It could be anything, maybe a red blood cell, but it is very interesting to reflect on this piece.

  5. Andrew DeGroot says:

    When I look at this painting, it reminds me of a blood vessel, yet my eyes are drawn on the center. It reminds me of some kind of a wrapping or blockage in the center, but the natural curves and edges suggest that it is naturally meant to be there. Perhaps it represents an infarction. Its calming yet disturbing in that way.

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