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Take a deep breath and explore this image, and write a reflection in the comment below.

8 thoughts on “Reflection 3

  1. Sophia Musacchio says:

    When I first looked at this piece, my immediate reaction was a smile. I think that I subconsciously took in many elements of the painting before I started thinking about it. I was instantly struck by the proud lion and the boldness of colors. Though the lion is not in its natural colors, it somehow seems incredibly pure and natural. That such an array of color can be brought in and become homogenous, retaining the lion’s essence, is a testament to the ability of the artist to at once view a broader as well as an incredibly detailed perspective.

  2. Julie Fli t says:

    I found it to be incredibly cool that all those different colors could make it look just like what it was even though we know that the lion doesn’t really look like that in real life.

  3. Joe Musacchio says:

    Seeing this painting gave me new perspective on this king of beasts. The artist has captured the essence of this fierce, noble and powerful animal. The lion’s true nature comes forward in a way that no realistic picture could portray.

    • Sophia Musacchio says:

      Very thoughtful, thank you! So interesting that you felt the essence of the lion came through in a way a picture could not. A mark of a great artist!

  4. Marge Blanc says:

    Power and gentleness — masterfully-portrayed by this artist. Clearly the artist’s sense of this beautiful creature is deep and loving. A bold portrayal of this complexity of color is striking and wondrous — but the central feature of the lion’s eyes is so soft and gentle that the essence — the window to the soul — is breathtaking.

  5. Calin Dumitrescu says:

    First off, I think this is a beautiful painting! When I first looked at the image of the lion, I was taken back by the great assortment of colors and the way they were woven together to create the appearance of a lion. After looking more at the image in front of me, I also noticed that the lion’s right side had colors organized more in a patchy of blotchy appearance, while its left side had colors organized more in a wavy and smoother appearance. This aspect gives the picture interesting contrast. Overall, a wonderful piece of artwork!

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